Florida Man’s Unconventional Saga: A Bizarre Twist of Love and Family Ties Revealed by Local Authorities! Uncover the Astonishing Story Behind the Car Incident.

Melvin Cintron faced charges of second-degree arson and third-degree grand theft on Wednesday in connection with an incident that occurred in April, as reported by law enforcement.

Here’s a chronological overview of the events:

April 29: Individual Pours Flammable Liquid on Vehicle and Ignites It, Per Police In the late hours of April 29, a Ring doorbell camera at a residence recorded an unidentified individual pouring what seemed to be a flammable substance onto a vehicle, subsequently setting it ablaze, as detailed in a police report.

Snapshot: Miami-Dade's Guardians on Duty
Snapshot: Miami-Dade’s Guardians on Duty

April 30: Fire officials and police arrived at the 500 block of NW 120th Street in Miami to extinguish a fire. They discovered a severely damaged white Jaguar, with its interior heavily burnt, roof destroyed, and a strong gasoline odor. Surveillance footage showed an unidentified man parking the Jaguar, pouring a substance inside and on it, then setting it on fire before fleeing.

Fire officials determined the fire was intentional, and police noted a partial VIN number from the burned car’s engine.

May 1: Police identified the Jaguar’s owner, who had listed Melvin Cintron as an emergency contact. Cintron lived nearby and was revealed to be a relative of the victim. His driver’s license photo matched the man in the surveillance video.

September 11: After months of fear, the victim finally contacted the police. She disclosed her relationship with Cintron, stating they were dating and living together until September 8. On April 28, an argument led to Cintron taking her Jaguar and subsequently burning it near his other residence. She initially provided a false statement to investigators, but she later confirmed that the man in the video was indeed her ex-boyfriend and cousin, Cintron.

An arrest warrant was issued for Cintron.

On September 13, authorities located and arrested Cintron, along with his vehicle, in the 3600 block of NW 74th Street. The arrest was carried out smoothly without any complications.

Cintron was subsequently taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where he is currently held on a $5,000 bond. His court appearance is scheduled for October 13.

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